02-28-14 | Plants vs Zombies | Garden Warfare is live!!

Super excited for the release of the game we’ve worked so hard on. A lot of hard work and tonnes of fun poured into this, with still more fun DLC in the works! I have to say from a sound designer’s perspective that this game has been a blast to work on, and FrostBite has proven to be an equally fun and flexible tool to use.


06-18-12 | PopCap Games!!

Very excited to join the EA PopCap Game team!! Currently working hard on Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare!


04-04-12 | New IP for Slant Six Games | STRATA Scavenger

Started working on a new IP idea for Slant Six Games. That’s all I can say about it for now:)

*update* Have parted ways with SlantSixGames. Looks like Strata will not get developed, that’s too bad

03-01-12 | iPhone game project | BitBlast

Providing Audio design and implementation for a fun little iPhone game by KickStart Development called BitBlast! Available now!!

*update* click here to go get it!!

10-15-11 | Skateboarding + Zombies = Hell Yeah!

Was pretty excited to be approached once again by Don’t Sleep Productions to provide the Audio for their Horror Film Festival submission. Not a lot of free time on my hands but sounded like too much fun to pass up.

*update* click here to watch

06-01-11 | Kitsch Skateboards Video

Doing the Audio Post Production on another local Vancouver produced skate vid for Kitsch skateboards. I used to skate with some of these dudes back in the day so its awesome to add some polish to their production.


05-10-11 | Streets of Plenty Nominated for Best Sound Editing in a Documentary Program or Series!!

This feature length doc was a raw street style shoot which proved to be quite challenging just to smooth out and sound consistent so this is quite flattering indeed.

*update* click here to watch

01-01-11 | Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City!!

I will be joining the team at Slant Six Games to provide Audio for a new Multiplayer Resident Evil title. This is going to be fun!

*update* click here to watch trailer

11-11-10 | HBO Original Series ENDGAME

I will be assisting my friends at DBC Sound Studios on a new HBO series EndGame.


08-01-10 | Dead Rising 2!

Excited to provide some cinematics editorials for the next release of Dead Rising for Blue Castle Games (Capcom).


07-01-10 | The Legend of SilkBoy

Will be working for the first time with Sharpe Sound Studios to provide some FX editorials for the animated release of The Legend of SilkBoy feature.


06-01-10 | Confessions of an audio nerd

I started an audio blog to stay creative and to exercise the many ideas I have in my head. Check out the blog page


04-01-10 | “Tens” a skateboard video

Doing the audio polish/mix for Don’t Sleep Productions skateboard video “Tens” featuring 10 tricks each from some of Canada’s best skaters


03-01-10 | Session with a Legend

Very excited to record one of my all time favourite skateboarders for Skate3, Danny Way!!!!!


07-01-09 | SKATE 3!

Sounds like the Skate series will become an epic skateboard trilogy! Stoked to yet again be a part of this team.


05-01-09 | Streets of Plenty

Will be working on a independent documentary showing an unprecedented look into the underworld of Vancouver’s downtown eastside ghetto.

*update* click here to watch

11-28-08 | And the winner is….

…Urban Downhill Massacre for the Shoot to Thrill 72 hour skateboard film festival!! Congrats to Benny, Team Grizzlies and Don’t Sleep Productions!

*update* click here to watch

11-25-08 | Red Bull 72 Hour Film Festival

Mmmmm Red Bull. Don’t Sleep Productions submission is a throwback to the Thrashin’ days called Urban Downhill Massacre! Not a lot of time in there for audio polish but lets just see what we can get done, gonna need a bunch of Red Bull..


03-01-08 | SKATE 2!

Skate 1 was a blast, now i’m slated to work on the sequel! Can’t wait!!


02-16-08 | And the winner for Best Sound Design in Videogaming is…

…Skate Audio Team!!!, Electronic Arts BlackBox Studios!!. Woot! Woot!


10-01-07 | skate vid

will be working with a local production company Don’t Sleep Productions to provide sound design and audio mix for their Sophomore skateboard video effort.


01-01-07 | I ♥ skateboarding

I’m ecstatic to begin working on EA’s SKATE! This game is going to set a new standard for skateboard video games and as a skateboarder/audio geek, this going to be a lot of fun!


07-01-06 | FIFA07

Will be doing some additional work on EA’s next FIFA title FIFA07


06-25-05 | Road To The World Cup!!

My first game audio gig will be working through a game console transition for EA’s FIFA Road to the World Cup 2006!!! Very excited to join the game audio world.


12-15-04 | Mustard Pancakes!?!?!?

My first audio gig will be with LEO Sound Studios working on a kids television program called Mustard Pancakes.